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Christian Health Insurance Coop Reviews

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Have you heard about insurance? Most people know about insurance. However, do you know Christian health insurance coop? It is an insurance conducted by a group of Christians to help the other Christians in the world. It is one of the alternatives for Christians to get health insurance. This insurance provides full service for your health solution. This insurance is supported by Samaritan Ministries and the government to handle family’s medical care.

Christian Health Insurance Coop

This coop has been established for more than 30 years and experienced in individual and corporate health. Health coop was built because of people’s need and it aims to help people find the proper alternative health insurance.

The Facilities

One of the important things to attract people to join the member of insurance is facilities. This coop has some adorable facilities that will always assist the members in the world. They are:

·   Negotiator of Medical Bill

Don’t worry of getting expensive bill for your health; this insurance has the best negotiator to make the member’s bill reachable for you.

·   Saving Surgery Cost

The first thing you think when the doctor judged you to do surgery is the cost. The cost of surgery will be reduced if you have joined this insurance.

·  Telemedicine

You can consult your problem by calling a given hotline available for 24 hours. The specialist doctor will answer and help your problem. The doctor will be able to treat children at any age. The member’s health record will be secure, so other member will not know about your health record. The most important is there is no limitation of time in using telemedicine. So, the member’s problem will be handled until it finishes.

·  Discount Benefit

The members will get discount for their medical service. This discount is ready and easy to use for the members and their families. The discounts are including dental access, drug prescription, lab checking, diabetes care, vitamins, pet care, supplements and so forth.

·  Counseling Service

This facility offers the members to get the best counseling for their health. It can be used for individual, couple, adults, teens, families, and groups. No extra charge for using this facility. The counselor will be ready for the members and give the evaluation and consultation for your health problem.

·  Member Service

This makes the different from the other insurance. This facility will let the other members spend their time to listen to your problem at phone and give support, advice, and guidance to assist you finding the proper medical care.

These are the explanation of Christian Health Insurance Coop, hope the explanation will give you alternative reference for your health insurance.