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Private Health Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants in US

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Private Health Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants in US are still limited to access. Although there is policy for emergency health insurance to release for undocumented immigrants, still it becomes big issues to health care service in US.  Without legal document, undocumented immigrants have several limited access into certain facilities and rights, include health insurance and medical care.

There are about 11.2 million undocumented immigrants in US and 4.5 million US born-legal residents that children from undocumented immigrant. This is result from counted families in several states such as New York, California, Texas and Florida as well as newer destination for immigrant such as Illinois and Georgia.

Private Health Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants

Barrier into health insurance

The undocumented immigrants face several issues that bare those from accessing health care service due to several reasons include economic number, and social political issues.

· Economic number. From economic issues, most of those undocumented immigrants are employed in secondary or informal areas from labor market. This segment often pays in lower payment and few social beneficiaries.

· Socioeconomic status. US Department Health and Human Services provide new guideline for determine financial eligibility for gain social service beneficiary for those groups who live in below the poverty line.

·  Language barrier and ethnicity. Socially, there are most of this undocumented immigrants that face barriers with difficulty to understand their physicians in their last visits.

·  Political debate. The public services use by undocumented immigrants include the healthcare has become debate in national.

Health Insurance option for undocumented immigrants

Despite the barriers, there are several options that immigrants can find health insurance and medical treatment.

·  Student health plans. There are many college and school that requires their students to buy school health insurance and it does not requires any status of immigrations.

·  Employer based health plans. There are several companies in US that offer health insurance without land immigration status.

·  Medi-cal coverage. Some of Medi-cal benefits are available for those who have immigration status. In 2012, Federal Law provides temporary work authorization and relief from deportation into those undocumented children and young adult that arrived in US before they 16.

·  Private health insurance. This is the expensive option for many people and undocumented immigrants are available for buying private health insurance as long as they do directly from insurance companies or from broker.

Private Health Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants is available but this is not for all plans available. There are debates for how undocumented immigrants can buy their private health insurance without their status.